Can A Brand Say, "I Love You"?

In an age where the aphorism, “the consumer is king” seems to reign supreme, most brands still do nothing more than pay lip service to this exemplar of modern consumerism.

While brands attempt adopt this modern protocol in which the consumer reigns supreme, other brands seem to be retaining the right to the throne.

Let’s face it, the consumer was not, is not and never will be king. The true king of modern consumerism is collaboration. This fact does not however dismiss a brand from the base rules of good taste.

By now you are all probably sick of the iPhone price cut extravaganza. I will spare you from further conjecture about Apple’s unrelenting arrogance. The reason for this post is to talk about love.

In my opinion, Steve Job’s Open Letter did not do an adequate job of showing love for the legions of people that treat Apple like a religion (it is almost an insult to our intelligence when he says, “After reading every one of these emails, I have some observations and conclusions”. Okay Steve, I buy that…).

Now, American Express has the chance to step up to the plate and show us how a brand can show love to its consumers. Will American Express make its consumers feel the type of protection that they promise under their buyer protection program?

So far I have heard mixed reviews.

What boggles my mind is the fact that brands spend millions of dollars on advertising, and if American Express were to step up to the plate and be the bigger brand, it would cost them less, and return more (in terms of brand loyalty) than much of their advertising efforts.

We will soon see who loves us the most!

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