This is a song I wrote for myself about learning  to be myself and learning to let go


With no power

and without glory

I’m came here

to tell a story

Of a boy, who could not bear to face himself alone.

All alone life, it takes care if you leave it…

Alone life, it takes care if you leave it alone.

Too soon, declared to have all answers

Ate him fast; curious cancerous

As he grew up seeking no one but himself alone

All alone life, it takes care if you leave it,

Alone life, it takes care if you leave it alone. 

I am not another person who, claims he’s not like you

I am just a perfect body projecting something true,

I reflect what you are feeling in this song I sing for you

Of a boy with no intention, young, boy who said he knew

A thousand stories

Told them all to you

One thousand times

A boy who only knew

One way forward

A boy who said he knew…

(there is only one way)

All that pressure, all the time

Now he’s learned, and I know I am


a man who can let go, things happen on their own

On its own, life--I can care, but can leave it, alone life

It takes care of itself when I leave it

The line between protection and perfection, drawn in you

Is drawn in every personality I ever knew

I’m not saying we don’t shine alone, but one thing remains true

Your among a sea of travelers, this journey isn’t new

To anybody

Stars they shine on you

And everyone

Recovered you can too

Return to glory

Claim, you always knew

There is a simpler way

Painted over eyes without reflection

William Blake would not have known the rhyme

He is sleeping now his vision not forgotten

Innocence returned to him in time

Starry-eyed Van Gogh did not belong there

He couldn’t see, he wasn’t left behind

Not in vain, his torment not forgotten by

A universe that, makes up its own mind

I believe I haven’t been forgotten

I believe that it all will work out fine

The future from the past, it looks familiar now

I can see that, it all will come in time