Kill Your Television!

Ok, so I stole that headline but, I will lead you to it's authors. When I see a headline like that, I cannot resist!

Meet Revision 3 (for those who do not know it of course)

Yet another reason that I will be able to sleep at night knowing that I can get great video wherever I want, on my time!

When I went to the site's "about us" page I saw a very bold statement:

Revision3 is the first media company that gets it, born from the Internet, on-demand generation. Unlike aggregators, mash-ups, clients and web sites, Revision3 is an actual TV network for the web, creating, producing its own original entertainment and content.

I realize that this company was started by all stars but, I would love to hear more about why they feel they are the first media company to get it. I am not saying I am skeptical rather, this is my invitation for an of these guys to give us a little more on why they feel that what or, just plug Revision3 and get a new some new viewers

Jay Adelson Chairman, CEO

David Prager COO, VP of Programming

Kevin Rose Producer, Diggnation, Systm, thebroken

Dan Huard Producer, Systm, thebroken

Ron Gorodetzky Director of Technology

Alex Albrecht Producer, Diggnation, Ctrl Alt Chicken

Heather Stewart Ctrl Alt Chicken

Martin Sargent Producer, Infected, Webdrifter

Wil Wheaton InDigital: Your Life in Gear

Joey Rabier Post Production, Infected

Jay Speiden Infected

Hahn Choi Producer, InDigital: Your Life in Gear

Jessica Corbin InDigital: Your Life in Gear

Stewart Essenger Producer, Writer, Mysteries of Science, Explained!

Bert Monroy PixelPerfect with Bert Monroy

Tom Rowles Producer, Post Production, thebroken, NOTMTV

Jonathan London Producer, Geekdrome

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