Allow me to coin a phrase. Okay so, there is really nothing original about saying "MyCast" (have a look what others are doing with the term. I am sure not talking weather) in fact, this concept is everywhere these days but I feel the bottom line of all of the new distribution models and user generated content results in what Jarvis say about the consumer as network programmer.

I was watching Reliable Sources on CNN this morning and the topic was GooTube (what a shock!). They showed a clip from Jeff Jarvis's You Tube Video and he said a number of things that I really liked. Below is and bullets of the thing I loved:

  • "Explosion of the new television"

    • The idea of the exploding TV is interpreted by some as the end of TV. What Jarvis is saying is not the end of TV in fact it is quite the opposite.  

  • "The Worlds Largest TV Guide"

  • "With YouTube what Google Gets is People"

  • "YouTube made television social"

  • "[you tube] turned us into network programmers"

  • Putting ads where the people are

  • "The Google Nichecasting Networks"

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