When Is A Site Responsible For Good Creative

Picture this:

It is a lazy Sunday, I am a little beaten up from the night before and I have yet to decide what adventures (if any) are in store for the day. I think to myself, "perhaps I will see a movie". I go to fandango and, with no ideas for what I want to see start cruising the site.

As I begin poking around a loud scream occurs. I realize that the scream is being triggered every time I mouse over either the 160x600 or the 728x90. Now, this is not just any scream, it is a bitingly harsh and very annoying scream. So much so that I found myself doing everything possible to avoid mousing over the banners.

My entire movie browsing experience is tarnished by these banners with the shrill scream and I realize that there are so many other sites that I can go to to get movie listings. Then I think to myself, "maybe I don't really want to go to a movie today".

The Take Aways:

1. As advertisers we do want to grab people's attention but, doing it in a negative fashion is not always a good thing. Sure I now know about a film festival that I did not know about before but, I am still not interested in it (there is less of a chance I will go to it now then there was before!)

2. The site itself should take some onus as to what creative is implemented on their site as it is a reflection of the integrity of the site.

    a. Perhaps next time I will skip fandango. I certainly will not go there in the near future if there is a chance of me seeing that ad again!

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