Adotas Article Comment Response

1. Collete-

Second Life as a Sandbox is a great concept. If you are thinking of doing something in real life but are uncertain, try it in SL first!

As for this comment:

"I have enough trouble staying on top of my first life, so I’m not sure how well my second life will keep up with this new world."

Collete, even though I have known you for a short time only, I know you have more foresight and curiosity than that!

You say the above comment now but, a brilliant and curious mind such as yours can only stay distant for a short time! :)

2. John


You are so right! As Bob Dylan said, "admit that the waters around you have grown, accept it or soon you'll be drenched to the bone"

3. Dave

My feeling is that if you would not touch an SUV in your first life, I would not do it in Second Life. Second Life IS in fact real. Yes, you may not damage the environment by driving an SUV in SL but, the fact that you are endorsing SUV sends out a statement. One that you may not want to make. Second Life has first life ramifications and as I send in my article, is an extension of first life