"We Are Not A Passive Pilgrim"

I am not quite sure who said the above quote but it is very profound in light of the world that it exists in. I had an amazing night last night!

My new friends Rhiannon Chatnoir, Frans Charming and I had a great night in Second Life and on Ventrilo (which by the way has much better sound quality that Skype).

They took me to amazing places including "The Big Easy" (which is something that they had worked on for Katrina relief). We spoke about copybot issues and other issues pertaining to Second Life.

We came to this island where I saw the statement pictured above and I thought, how perfect! Although I am not one of the earlier adopters of Second Life (in comparison to my new friends) all night I felt like a pilgrim traveling in search of intellectual stimulation and the future of mediated spaces. The difference between my pilgrimage and the common concept of a pilgrimage is quite obvious but no less profound.

We are ACTIVE pilgrims in a world still dominated by passive media spaces!

I owe a lot to my new my friends (Frans, thanks for the turkey, I will treat it well) and offer the same experience to those who have not yet discovered Second Life.

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