Outside Second Life

Happy Post Turkey Day to All!

I had a great post turkey meal with the folks of the metaverse however we all took a holiday break from virtual space to congregate the old fashioned way.

The meetup was at Planet Thailand in Williamsburg Brooklyn and was organized by Jerry Paffendorf of The Electric Sheep Company. In typical media circus fashion I drank too much but held it together (no comments please J ) and had an enlightening evening.

I met Rhiannon Chatnoir in person (now I can say her name right, I will always spell it wrong though) who is an absolute delight.

I met with the legend Bruce Damer. He gave me a copy of his book, “Avatars” and signed it for me.

I did shots and had a great conversation with Nexeus Fatale. Nexeus, you are the man!

I spoke with Ron T. Blechner of Out of Bounds Software and Infinite Vision Media (really friggin smart dude).

After a night of discussing the metaverse, copy bot, libsecondlife and bottom shelf sex we adjourned to Jerry’s place where we all got school on the history of the metaverse by Bruce Damer. It was a truly spiritual experience.   

My only regret is being a little too drunk to be a little more coherent in front of a really pretty girl that showed up towards the end of the night. Perhaps I will meet her in the metaverse!

Once again, thanks Jerry, Bruce and everyone who showed up!

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