Out Of Touch For A Day And…

Chaos my friends! The blogoshpere is on fire :)

Well not really but, things were said, taken out of context, misconstrued etc etc (and so forth).

I will not get into so I apologize if you do not know what I am talking about. I do not want to propagate this any further I just want to go on record for realizing my own errors.

The medium is the message and I used a public medium to converse about a much respected individual, Robert Scoble.

Seeing as how I do not know him personally I am in no place to make personal attacks (which I did not do) but, any attacks at all in this forum were not fair.

I am a fairly opinionated person and stand by my opinions however; I looked at the sequence of events and imagined myself waking up to a message board thread ripping apart an email exchange that I had had with someone and can image I would be upset.

So Robert, my apologies!

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