Ad:Tech-Pay For Performance: Braving the World Beyond Pay Per Click

Google and Overture revolutionized advertising online with a single, elegant innovation: They took the risk of the ad not working by making advertisers pay only if a surfer clicked on it. Now a raft of publishers and advertisers are defining the next steps, expanding and refining cost-per-action advertising. Models abound, from deals where advertisers pay for every lead, every phone call or even every sale. But cost-per-action advertising has many of the same pitfalls and opportunities as cost-per-click: Smart advertisers have to find and prevent fraud and learn how to measure the results of their campaigns intelligently. On this panel, advertisers and agencies explain when cost-per-action is the right way to run a campaign, and how to do it well.

Tim Mullaney, E-Business Editor, Business Week
Jed Fowler, Analyst, Atlas

Erin Clark, Manager of Product for, Entertainment Publications, Inc.
Mark Dorf, Managing Partner, Acuity Media Group
John Marshall, CEO, ClickTracks Analytics

Mark Dorf

  • I did not know the nations capital was New York?

  • The metric type does not matter as long as it backs out into profit

  • Forced to adopt CPA after the bust as no one had money

  • Lead generation a major portion of the CPA model

  • Challenges- Quality Leads

  • Scaleability and Quality

  • What is an acceptable scrub rate

  • Shared Risk Between Advertiser and Vendor

Erin Clark

  • Landscape much more competitive these days

  • CPA model still successful

  • On a scale of one to ten the model is at a 7

  • Most of our work is done networks

I just learned a good lesson. When going to conferences, pay more attention to the description of the sessions. I do not know why I did not do that in this case but, I think the last thing that I want to here about right now is affiliate marketing. Not that I do not think it is important but, I am hearing nothing knew and the types of things being discussed are what I already do.

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