10 reason why PodcampNYC Will Rock (other than the rock)

10 Reasons to Attend PodCamp NYC

1. To Network and Forge Valuable Connections

At any point during PodCamp NYC you’ll share the room with at least one person (if not a dozen) who can offer you huge value or solve a significant problem for you as a podcaster. It may be a sponsor. It may be a promotional opportunity. It may be someone you can interview. Bring lots of business cards and be ready to network.

2. To Associate with the Podcasting “Movers and Shakers”

Those who will attend PodCamp NYC are “in the trenches.” You’ll associate with people have “been there and done it.” These are ideal people to learn from and make connections with as you progress in podcasting.

3. You Can Present to Your Podcast Peers

Any attendee can organize a session to present ideas and/or facilitate a discussion. All you have to do is enter a title and description on the session list.

4. To Promote Your Podcast

PodCamp NYC is a great place to pass out cards and let you know people about your show. It’s a focused audience of podcast enthusiasts. You can also find other podcasters who will cross-promote your show to their own audiences.

5. To Share Your Ideas

PodCamp NYC is a very interactive event. Each session is an exchange of ideas. You have your own tips, tricks that can benefit others. Come and share your expertise and ideas with your podcasting peers.

6. It’s Free

There is no cost to attend PodCamp NYC. Compare that with other industry events and expos which cost hundreds of dollars. You can’t beat free. The event is paid for by our generous sponsors. Please visit our sponsor page if you’d like to contribute. To register, just visit the registration page and add your name and email to the list.

7. To Learn the Latest Tips and Tricks

PodCamp NYC is an ideal place to learn how to start your own podcast or to discover the latest tips and tricks for taking your show to the next level. The presentations offered will cover the whole spectrum from content production, technical how-to, business podcasting, marketing and monetization.

8. New York City is a Hub of the Media Industry

NYC is home to numerous television, radio and print media properties. It’s a great place to interact with and explore podcasting’s place relative to the media industry at large.

9. You’ll Get Food and a T-shirt

As if the value you’ll get from the presentations isn’t already worth attending, there will also be free food and t-shirts for attendees.

10. To Enjoy the Incomparable Vibe and Energy of The Big Apple

Nothing compares to the energy and passion inherent in the people that New York City attracts. PodCamp is a great experience wherever it is held, but you can count on a unique mix of individuals and opportunities at PodCamp NYC that can only be provided by The City that Never Sleeps.

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Posted by Jason Van Orden

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