The New Browser Reality/Rob Rustad Is A Friggin Cool Dude

I did not want to comment on Rob's post in the last post but, he sure dropped some knowledge on us, huh!

I want to quickly bullet a few things that I loved (before I begin New Years debauchery)

  • The New Browser Reality

    • I LOVE THIS! This sound like something John Battelle might say but I do not think he has :)

    • I am so stimulated by the notion that our mediated futures will be browser based and begin at a search prompt (which they sort of do already)

  • "... links-based search technology can be advanced if we can find a way to harness the democratized collective feedback of everyone who uses it"

    • yup

  • Searcher should not need to tag, their actions should be what is doing the "tagging". This is so true as, how do you get the non-techies to use As much as I love, I know that my mother will never use it and you best not tell me my mother does not count!


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