It is not what you know, it is who you know to help explain things to you!

I believe that it was back in June when I was at Supernova 2006 that I realized microformats were something that I should be paying very close attention to. As someone very intrigued by the fact that scripting languages will one day have the ability to contain data that will make them more "intelligent" or able to contain semantic information beyond what current algorithms allow for, I had no choice but to make a deep dive into this arena.

I started pulling the feed for and much to my dismay it was updated fairly infrequently. Furthermore, I did not always understand what they were talking about (as I do have some technical deficiencies) however, my determination led me to talk to the right people and, at the very least understand the future ramifications of the microformat.

Lately the feeds have been coming in more frequently and there was even an article in the New York Times which spoke about the semantic web.

The For Immediate Release Podcast has also bolstered my interest in microformats and their use in corporate communications.

My attention is about to be rejuvenated. I ask (beg) any of you out there to help me keep up with this exciting concept, I can use the help!

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