The Magical Disappearing Desktop

I went to the first cocktail party tonight and, I had about four light beers (I am watching the ole’ waistline) followed by a Martini. Needless to say, I have a nice buzz but, what I love about blogging is that it is real. I will not edit this post too much. I will just try to share what it is I am thinking and feeling (and hope you chalk the typos up to alcoholic mistakes).

As I sipped my reduced calorie libations I walked around and witnessed the heart and soul of the second coming of the web. Guys and girls around my age (29) pitched their hearts out about products they designed and have taken to market.

Was their a common thread in the room? You bet there was!

The most prevalent topic was not social media (although that was overwhelmingly present) it was not RSS, not User Generated Content. The main takeaway that I left the room with was the seemingly inevitable dissipation of the desktop.

Product after product (e.g. Sharpcast, Soonr) was aimed at providing consumers with ubiquitous access to information. The pitch was “we are blurring the lines between the internet and mobile and providing you with a hosted solution for all you digital media, and not only that, we are allowing you to share your information with your friends”.

I left thinking, “this is great but, how will all these companies, with little differentiation survive? Is the desktop doomed? Should I have another drink?”