All things come to an end

All in all, Supernova was a great experience!

In my eyes some of the key themes were:

1. The (re) centralization of information or, the minimized importance that is place on the desktop
2. Net Neutrality (just ask a ninja)
3. The future of information and the way we sift through it (search).
a. Tagging (del.icio.ous)
b. Social Search (Jookester)
4. The push to ubitquitize (I realize that is not a word) our information for access anywhere, anytime, on demand
5. There are a ridiculous amount of start ups doing the same thing!
6. The US could be much better in terms of drumming up competition in order to further broadband access
7. “Love” does play a role in business (once again, thank Craig and, to all you naysayers, good luck!)
8. Virtual worlds are not necessarily games

My favorite people from the event:

1. David Sifry (thanks for the insight)
2. Frank Gruber (we are now Linkedin)
3. Colette Vogele (call me back, I have questions about podcasting and the law)
4. Michael Copps (thanks for the inspiration)
5. Glenn Thomas (Ideal World is going to be a great movie!!!)
6. Philip Rosedale (thanks for blowing my mind)
7. Craig Newmark (thanks for the love)
8. Jeremiah Owyang (thanks for the flikr pic)
9. Jerry Paffendorf (the electric sheep company)

And of course Kevin Webach, thanks for the events!

Finally, can someone help me with my new Blog “A Media Circus”. Obviously my design skills suck!!!!