Are You A Consumer Conversationlist?!/default.htm

No doubt you have heard the buzz surrounding social media properties such as MySpace, YouTube etc. Blogging and Podcasting have become essential topics for traditional marketers desperately clinging on to their jobs while online advertising look at these technologies as natural extension of the online space, or do they?

I came across this article and thought to myself; online advertisers who are simply throwing banners on a page are just as ineffective as advertisers spending millions on out of home clutter.

The bottom line is clutter is clutter, in any medium.

They key is to engage in a concise, directed and honest conversation!

Does this mean that PR is the future of marketing?

Is social media the job of the media planner, the marketer, the PR agent or the creative director (perhaps it is the job of the secretary)?

It is my opinion that, if you are open minded and willing to study all of these disciplines, you will be an effective consumer conversationalist. That is the best way to build trust for your brand and feed your bottom line!