Is Google Monopolzing Information or Are They Simply Providing The Most Cutting Edge Technologies On The Planet?

Ok, so the title of this blog post was merely an attention grabber but it does  mirror the sentiments of some. I do a lot of work with Google and, although there is a growing sense of hubris, I feel at the end of the day their is no one over at Google who is really out to do any harm to others and that they are simply acting within the confines of our economic framework.

In fact, to all the Microsoft haters out there, I am going on record as saying, "I do not think they are the evil empire!". They broke the rules, got punished for it, MOVE ON! (I digress).

 I was on my way to work this morning listening to one of my favorite podcasts (the M show with John Wall) and he mentioned this:

I am not sure what I think of this yet but, I was hoping that I could get some comments. In fact, I am not going to say anything at all right now, I would prefer this post to be an invite for an open forum so, please send me your thoughts!

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