First Post of The Next Era of The Circus

A Media Circus (A Value Circus)…adding value to brands through media in the 21st century

The increasingly robust media landscape of the 21st century has turned into a virtual circus. Technologists, advertisers and marketers alike find themselves in a time where there is a new “media act” everyday. From podcasting to blogs, AJAX to Social Networking, it seems that there is a new “freak show” for everyone to look at all the time.

There are a dozens of blogs and podcasts out there that talk about new media, social media and other related matters (and many of them are great. I will make reference to my favorites over and over again). The goal of this blog/podcast is not simply to join the conversation, it is to try and take a different angle (where possible) and potentially spawn new conversations.

A Media Circus will look at how marketers are using media in order to add value to their brands (or not add value in many cases). There are a lot of advertising blogs out there as well. This is not another advertising blog. This blog is dedicated to the medium and how it effects the message but. It is not a blog dissecting the message itself (I will leave that to those who do it best). I hope you find this to approach unique and fruitful.

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