Are the masses really ready to converge?

I have had a PC (Mac) in my living room (and Kitchen) for years. In fact, my sole form of media entertainment for five years of my life was solely Internet (I was boycotting cable :) ).

But that is me. I am a technophile, counter culture junkie or just plain different but whatever the reason my media consumption habits do not mirror those of the masses.

Lately I have been meeting more people like myself.

As windows media center grows in popularity and Apple continue to release things such as front row and iTV, we get closer and closer to the Mecca of media; a place where one box houses all.

A recent article in the Times added to my growing excitement for the day when one box will house all. Netflix, mainstream movie-by mail rental business is making a move to streaming video. That is right, STREAMING, no downloading :)

I have had very bad experiences with Netflix in the past. I would say 20% of DVD’s sent to my house were scratched but I guess that is to be expected.

I think it is time to re think my relationship with the service that just may help redefine the way we watch movies.

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