Perhaps it is not right to criticize close minded people but can we laugh at them?

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Laugh at these-

Intriguing…but why do I feel like “Get a Life!” is the best response to these Second Lifers?

— Posted by Pete

Can someone please explain why Second Life exists and why politicians are pandering to “Second Lifers”? They need to get a FIRST Life, get away from their computers and get some sunshine.

— Posted by Joe

why do I feel like “Get a Life!” is the best response to these Second Lifers?

            They did. A second one.

— Posted by Joe

These folks would have a more effective conversation in a text-only chat space, or God forbid, a real room. Second Life is an overhyped environment that is better used for entertainment and escapism than political discourse.

— Posted by sarah

Sounds like a big sham if you ask me that is only to pander to the notion that these officials are “with it” with the latest technology. Second Life is a game for those not in the know and while it’s one of the largest online communities (the largest is actually World of Warcraft surprisingly enough), it neglects to mention that only 1.2 million people worldwide use it. So you are lucky to hit maybe about 1% of the population of any municipality. Take that and mesh in voting demographics of the typical user and you have the most inefficient use of someone’s time. Seems like there are other much more worthy methods of encouraging political involvement than Second Life.

— Posted by Brian

I think the whole SL “phenomenon” is a load of BS. If people are so interested in meeting other people, going to clubs, buying coffee at the local cafe, or having a political discussion, I think their energy (not to mention $$$) is wasted by sitting in front of a computer while doing it. I agree with Pete and Joe, SL-ers need to get a REAL life and stop fooling themselves into thinking that living virtually is at all as fulfilling as living for real. However, they’ll probably be the only ones still alive in their little plastic virtual bubbles after the climate crisis wipes out all of Earth’s already limited resources. I bet they don’t even remember the last time they went outside.

BTW, I’m a web developer by profession, even have my masters in IT, but I still think SL is a bunch of poo. I may contribute to the virtual world, but I’m smart enough to leave it behind when my work day ends and go home and enjoy my family, friends, neighborhood park, dog, cooking, BOOKS, non-virtual hobbies, and what’s left to experience of our beautiful, fragile planet while I still can.

— Posted by Erin

Second Life is boring, clunky and un-fun. As with MySpace, I am absolutely mystified why “social” people want to spend so much of their time on UGLY websites administered by others.

I think people who use these services simply have a longing to be in a controlled world where they don’t actually have to be in charge of running it.

— Posted by Donna

Second Life is great for people who have no real personal life. Otherwise, its a waste of time. I mean who has time to diddle around with a fake reality? Anyone who is doing it as part of a “balanced life” clearly isn’t spending much time on it. BUt if you don’t spend hours a day on the game, you can’t get anywhere in Second Life. The extremely few people who are earning real income from SL are spending +12 hours a day staring at a computer screen. Does that sound like a life to you?

— Posted by Alex

It is people like you that make it easier for people like me to be successful! Thanks for being so far behind the curve.

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