AMEDIACIR.CLIP: Advertisers, Are Your Brains Active?

The media hype surrounding Second Life has died down, but does that mean you should not continue to consider Virtual Worlds in your marketing mix?
Of course not!
As you probably know I am a big fan of Second Life. Still, I am glad that the hype has died down, as marketers will be forced to be more creative with their presence in virtual worlds and consider all of the various worlds that are out there.
If you are not familiar with Whyville, you should be. I
Take a look at this article in Mediapost today. I really love Jay Goss's notion of "active brain advertising" and think that marketers should be applying this notion to all their efforts.

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That's partly why Whyville's marketing strategy is called "active brain advertising," as according to Jay Goss, Whyville's COO, the company isn't just focused on garnering impressions or eyeballs for brands. "We care about eyeballs connected to brains," said Goss.

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