Graphing Social Patterns: Virtual Gifts, Points, & Currency panel: Show Me The Bunny!

Susan Wu CRV (moderator), Adam Rifkin Renkoo, Gregg Spiridellis JibJab, David Gentzel SocialMedia

  • What are virtual goods? (3 types according to Susan Wu)

    • Decorative Virtual Goods

      • Skins, objects etc

      • Collectible as branded goods, highest ASPs (average selling price) in this category

    • Functional Virtual Goods

      • Things that change your experience

        • Games

        • Facebook Graffiti

      • Supply can be limited

      • Higher ASP and conversion rates than decorative goods

    • Behavioral Virtual Goods

      • Custom actions

        • Now we have poke, super poke but in the future there will most likely by things crated that signify user intent, interests etc

      • Highest Margin

        • You don’t have to create the content

      • Most Scalable

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