iMedia Agency Summit "Massively Niche: Next Gen Targeting in a Fragmented Media Landscape"

So here I am at the iMedia agency summit in beautiful La Quinta California. I am fresh off my sojourn to Eastern Europe but that did not stop me from making it here to speak on a panel with my friends Brad Berens, Greg Verdino and my "new to be friend I am sure" Garrick Schmitt. I traveled for 11 hours yesterday to get here (gotta love modern air travel) but it was all worthwhile when I saw friends Masha Geller, Sean Cummings, Katharine Panessidi and a new friend from Eyeblaster (who I owe a drink for being too spaced out to remember his name. I owe you buddy!)

So what does massively niche mean?

Well, these days:

  • small is the new big

  • production is the new consumption

  • conversation is the new conversion

  • expressions are the new impressions

The world of marketing has undoubtedly changed. No longer can we look at mass audiences and push out one size fits all marketing messages. In light of these facts, what do we do?

Here are some thoughts:

  • Think qualitative in addition to (notice I did not say instead of) quantitative

  • Work on messaging fewer people effectively, as opposed to a mass of people in a manner that is impersonal

    • Seed the right people with the right message and show you care; they may just help find others who are interested

  • Be findable, everywhere! (see Morville's Ambient Findability)

  • ...and finally, you may just have to roll up your sleeves and work harder. If I can be in beautiful La Quinta on a Sunday and wake up at 6 AM (after a night of cocktails) to write this post, you can be up early to brainstorm as well :) (it is all about tough love)

I will keep you posted as to what we uncover here at this summit. In the meantime, send me questions you want answered and I will do my best to bring them up.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone at my company, Morpheus Media, for putting up with my incessant travel. You guys know I am out here fighting the good fight for all of us, and I love you all for it (this year I even promise to make it to the holiday party and get more drunk than all of you...combined!)

Finally, I have to thank [x+1] for my massage today. It is much needed.  I know you guys have great technology, but you potentially have even better agency relation skills. :) Thanks!

P.S. Check me out in the Washington Post

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