2007 Media Summit Unedited Notes- Metrics and Analytics around Video, Social Media, P2P and User Generated Media

Jonathan Carson, President and CEO BuzzMetrics
Will Hodgman, President & CEO, M:Metrics
Kenneth Papagan, Executive Vice President, Corporate, Business Development & Strategic Planning, Rentrak Corporation
Scott Radcliffe, Director of Communications Intelligence Solutions, SAS
David Rosenberg, Director, Emerging Media and Optimization, JWT
Dr. Nimrod Kozlovski, Strategy and Legal Affairs, Oversi
Mark Ghuneim, CEO, Wiredset, Moderator
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  • Methods of measurement around new experiences in UGC and social media

  • What is viable and not viable

  • The idea is primary…the medium is secondary. Telling stories across channels

    • “As long as the experience or take away message is the same it is a success” David Rosenberg

  • Kenneth Papagan- “We can get down to specific set top boxes within a household” on VOD

  • “The standards we relied on before don’t count anymore” Will Hodgman

  • It is important to count metrics but how are we using them

  • Mobile not yet at the place for contextual targeting

  • Location based services the only way to target via mobile

  • 3G and GPS promise greater targeting (similar to what is happening in Asia)

  • Where the money is being made outside of the internet is paid content- Radcliffe

    • Papagan disagrees. Says ad based models on VOD are thee future

  • Contextualized branding and direct marketing is the future Dr. Nimrod Kozlovski

    • Injections of real time advertising on top of content in the form of smart objects

  • “Find new ways to make you feel that there is something of value for you”- Rosenberg in regards to how we measure success.

  • As an advertiser we can spur on targeting by starting conversations. Rosenberg gives an example “who is better, blondes or brunettes” and then glean the targets by virtue of the conversation.

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