The "hello" Remains The Same

Picking up on a conversation I started and Rebecca Matt continued on the Morpheus blog, I want to share a few thoughts.

I posted the newest  iPhone commercial and, while I am not trying to plug the phone in any way, and the commercial is not my favorite (per se. I do really like it though), there is an element of this piece that really struck a cord with me and I have just drilled down as to why. While this is not terribly profound but I will share it anyway (since when do I need to be profound on

We have all said “hello” for a long time. Different people have said it, different occasions, different times (the one thing this commercial should have done is incorporate a multinational element, perhaps that is in the works).

The essence of the word has always remained the same. Hello is a way to greet someone (in our culture). There are different inflections that make the word mean different things (i.e. Hello! Did you not see that?) but for the most part hello is a cordial way to greet someone.

This commercial plays on the fact that although the medium has been altered over time, the message is the same. Again, this is pretty obvious but that is why this commercial resonated with me (yes, I am a media geek).

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