A Day with the PRSA

Okay, it was two days but that would have not made for a good title.

I spent the last two days at PR boot camp at the PRSA trying to find that line where media, marketing and advertising end and PR begins. You know what, it is my assessment that there is not a fine line. In fact, the convergence of these disciplines is so great I am going to have to go back and listen to every episode of FIR once again! :)

For Example,

What are the key elements of the definition of PR?

  • Creating a clear and concise message

  • Influencing opinion leaders

  • Mutually Beneficial relationships/2 way

  • Define and Promote Image

  • Consistent Face and Voice of Company

  • Reputation Management

While some of this is specific to PR, much of it borders on the aforementioned disciplines. One of the things that struck me most was the conversations we had about the  2 way conversation and  those about quantification of efforts.

As an interactive media practitioner, this is something that I deal with everyday.  Does that also make me a PR practitioner. Perhaps not fully, but I am not far from it.

I have been led down this road of inquiry by people like Shel and Neville and will continue to define my role in this industry (as the Director of Emerging and Creative Strategy for Morpheus Media). My feeling is the definition of my role will change as the industry changes, and I sure look forward to that!

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