Lovemarks On Penny's

Charming little vignettes- Yes

Tidbits of Americana and American Cinema-- Sure

Influential-- Maybe

Unique- hmmmm

Instilling love in the hearts of the masses and worth the price of production- eh?

That is correct, I am talking about Saatchi's first stab at creating a Lovemark of JC Penny. I really like the spots but, I don'f feel they take chances and they offer no unique selling proposition (as Bob Garfeild does point out,. By the way, ad age's video player really rocks; I guess you know what is really important to me :) ). Not having a traditional ad background I am not the best person to throw stones but, I am a marketer and a consumer so I think I am qualified to have an opinion.

Check out the spots. Let me know what you think.

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