Nokia Knows How To Be Social

In addition to the promise of a really great product (the N95) with all the fixin's you would expect from a modern cell phone (including an advanced GPS navigation and mapping service), nokia has created a great little microsite to promote this new product (I have to admit that I am catching a plane in a bit and have not had a chance to fact check. This site may not be new, it may just be new to me)

First of all, it is outfitted with everything essential, Digg,, send to friend etc (why does everyone not do this by default at this point)

Nokia has also uploaded photos to Flickr and has call outs on what to search for. I have not yet fully explored the site but I am sure there are other little gems in there.

Finally, the video is a great, inviting little vignette.

One note: does anyone find the tag line a bit phallic?

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