Social Networking 2.M

Mobile has been a hot topic for quite a while now. To be honest, while I have adopted many mobile functions in my personal life, I still have not found a way to efficiently integrate mobile into a campaign that I am working on. Perhaps it is due to the direct nature of business here at Morpheus but I simply have not gotten Mobile to work like so many other channels we employ.

What I do see as a burgeoning mobile experience with great opportunity for, not only geek's like me but, marketers as well, is the social aspect of the mobile arena.

I may not consume a tremendous amount of mainstream content on my phone but I certainly tweet a lot (twitter). If some of my social mobile activities were subsidized by advertisers, I may be fine with that. Furthermore, if value in the form of relevant advertising were presented to me, I would mind even less.

In a press release today mobile content provider, Mobileplay announced the release of eXpress It. It is described in the release as the following:

a social networking service for cell phone users which
allows them to create and share personal mobile web
pages as easily as sending an email.

The free, advertising-supported community allows users, regardless of technical ability,
to create mobile web pages for themselves or to share them with others
simply by sending an email or an MMS picture message to their own phone number.

I am downloading the software while I type. 

I should have some personal feedback later in the day (who am I kidding, it will take a few days :) )

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