Keynote - Viacom's MTV Networks and Nickelodeon/RAW NOTES

 Matt Bostwick, SVP, Franchise Development, MTV Music Group
Jeffrey B. Yapp, Executive VP, MTV Networks
Steve Youngwood, Executive VP, Digital Media, Nickelodeon

Viacom has emerged as one of the new media leaders combining television, 2D web and 3D virtual communities in one integrated system. Virtual Laguna Beach to Nickelodeon’s Nicktropolis, Viacom is helping define the next-generation media and advertising models. Virtual worlds allow media and entertainment innovators unprecedented new ways to engage consumers with the franchises they’ve enjoyed in front of their television screens.


  • "The convergence between linear programming and user generated content"

  • "Watch TV, Live TV"

  • "When viewers are engaged a deeper level, you can bet they are engaged with you brand"

  • "Branded content that our audience wants to engage with"

  • "How they will engage in a virtual world is how they will engage in real world"

  • Mention of Joost- people have come to expect more from TV

  • "Media does not replace media"

  • The convergence of TV and virtual worlds allows for personalization and customization

  • Second Life and There are just the tip of iceberg

  • The true power of Virtual Worlds will be realized when consumers turn from passive to active users

  • In virtual worlds, users decide what is cool and control brand messages

  • 99% of the brands are exposed to brands that enter VLB


  • "I am not smart enough for this business"

  • How do you take consumers deeper than you ever have before; Passion, lifestyle, community

  • "This thing is moving faster than anyone imagined"

  • People are living completely separate lives online

  • 4D TV = TV+3D

  • "Its like walking through the TV screen...its an opening experience"

  • "Social Networking on steroids"

  • People Begin the content

  • Adding guilds where users can become specialists, DJ etc

  • In world e-commerce- You can buy it in VLB and then in Real life

  • how do you take people who know nothing about virtual worlds and bring them into this type of experience

  • Not just going broad but going deep, engagement

  • Interact and talk about brand

  • 4D branding

  • Virtual Pimp My Ride

  • Virtual Logo- A world created from the ground up by the community

  • "one world my avatar"


  • The social networking medium for the youth demographics

  • It is not a solitary experience

  • Needs to be user driven

  • Has to have a baseline of professionally crafted experience

  • the economy has to work for it to feel real

  • Dual Revenue stream

  • The average person spends 3 hours on Neopets

  • Multiple lands with stories

  • Neopian Times which is written by the community

  • Nicktropolis- The first to have a virtual worlds for kids

  • Virtual Playground

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