Integrated Marketing - Merging Virtual Activities with Real World Activities/RAW NOTES

Never before have there been so many new outlets for marketing. Find out from leading experts how to create a virtual worlds presence that integrates and complements your existing marketing activities.

Joel Greenberg, Sr. Planner, GSD&M
Greg Verdino, VP/Director of Emerging Channels, DIGITAS (moderator)
Roger Holzberg, Vice President - Creative Director / Walt Disney Parks
and, Resorts Online

Randal Moss, Manager of Futuring and Innovation Center,
American Cancer Society

Paul Hemp, Senior Editor, Harvard Business Review


  • Virtual Magic Kingdom

    • 50th celebration of Disneyland

    • The wedding of virtual with real

    • Seeking a way to build brand loyalty with the Tween audience

    • Just casting the net out there is not necessarily going to reel em in

    • Walt Disney sent out maps out Disneyland before it would even built. If he could envision it in his mind it could become a reality

    • In Virtual Worlds there has to be some level of entertainment before UGC comes in

    • Virtual Worlds Are Marketing that require marketing


  • Relay for life ( :) )

  • A hearty thanks to the in world volunteers

  • "You want ROI, here's your ROI numbers"

  • Future United- SLCC


  • Predicts growth of 3D aspects being attached to 2d sites

  • Association of a brand with an immersive online experience

  • VW going to fundamentally change e-commerce

  • Shopping as a social experience

  • E-Tailing 2.0 (I call it 3.Commerce)

  • Dissolving the boundaries between real and virtual worlds, it is important to look at not just bring real into virtual but virtual into real worlds

  • How can you use your brand as a social experience?

  • Do you target the flesh and blood consumer or the avatar?

  • Is an avatar some sort of a prism the refracts a marketing message? We are changed when we step into our avatar

Verdino- "In various virtual worlds I range from a teenage boy to a middle aged women. It is virtually meaningless to not try and understand the person behind the avatar"


  • What is the value of someone spending an hour in my place in a virtual world

  • It is fairly easily conceptually to bring real world fan base into virtual worlds

  • Recommends Convergence Culture, Fourth Turning (journey??)

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