Reflections on the Past 30 Years of Media in My Life

So today I turn 30. Never thought I would make it but I have and boy has the world changed. I have some fond and not so fond media memories and I thought I would share them with you.

  • I worked in a mom and pop video store. When it closed I got hundreds of VHS tapes. They are doing me a lot of good these days!

  • Cassette Tapes- Oh how I miss thee

  • 7 inches means more to me than a genitalia reference

  • Stealing music is not a crime

  • 28k modems rock the house!

  • Laser Disc Anyone!

  • When I was working in studios the ADAT was popular, thank god that was a short lived medium

  • 2” Tape will never die :)

  • I had the first Mac g4. Cost me 8 thousand dollars. It had a gig of RAM and a DVD-RAM drive. Does anyone have a DVD RAM drive I can use to get my data  :)

  • I had the very first stand alone hard disk audio recorder. The Roland VS-880. It had one gig of memory. Mucho SCSI zip disks were needed

  • Podcasts- I never liked radio anyhow

You know what, this is depressing me. It is time to start the future!