SES NYC: Sitemaps & URL Submission

 The major search engines have recently united around a common "sitemaps" standard to provide them with bulk URL submissions. This session looks at how sitemaps works, along with other submission options.



Priyank Garg

  • Yahoo- Sitemaps

  • XML Schema and a protocol to publish you sites urls to search crawlers

  • Adopted by all major engines

  • Sitemaps are expected to be valid XML

  • All URLS must be entity escaped

  • Sitemaps can take 50,000 urls each

  • You can point to RSS feeds from your XML file

  • How do you get a sitemap to engine----

    • Auto discovery of sitemaps via robots.txt (yahoo, Ask is joining as well)

    • A new robots directive called "sitemap"

  • Yahoo Site explorer out of beta

  • you can track multiple sites in Yahoo explorer

  • Site explorer now accepts mobile files

  • Authentication via key file or meta tags

  • Report Spam Inlinks -Automate the reporting of spam

Maile Ohya

  • Maximize exposure to search engines

  • More crawled content

  • Commonly formatted as TXT, RSS/ATOM as well as XML

  • One of the primary reason for using sitemaps is helps Google (engines) improve index freshness, increase efficiency

  • Google News Sitemaps recently released in Beta

  • 2 ways of entering search ranking ...WWW and Sitemaps

  • Always include the the URLS full path

  • The protocol and hostname od the the listed URLS must match the sitemaps location

  • Syndication Feed Sitemap

  • Google Sitemap generator ...Similar to Python

  • Autodiscovery with with

Vivek Pathic

  • Moving into another stage now that they have added the ability to submit sitemaps

Nathan Buggia

  • Excited that all the major search engines have come together with sitemaps

  • Should help innovation and competition

Eric Papczun

  • How can we make the sitemaps tool actionable/how can you compare and contrast to other sites?

    • Sitemaps usually picked up in one or two days

    • Crawl within a week or two

    • Small sites with low PageRank take longer

  • Don't forget about the importance of a native sitemap

  • Make sure that redundant content is excluded

  • Use preferred domain tool to tell Google if you want or

  • Sitemaps have forced people think about URL management

  • Use tool to reduce redundancies

  • Link Report, New Feature

Todd Friesen

  • Search Submit Pro

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