Exclusive Spike Lee Footage On Babelgum

Democratization of media in the 21st century has been spurred on by many factors. Low barriers to entry for content creators as well as open distribution have served the prosumer with everything needed to enter to public media ecosystem.

Renowned director Spike Lee is proving that it is not only the prosumer leveraging new, democratized content distribution channels. A recent press release announced that Lee will be premiering content on Babelgum, the new global Internet TV network. Following the premier this content will be available on Babelgum for a period of three months.

"The accessibility of Babelgum for both users and content providers is ground breaking.

It means independent producers and content providers can showcase their work free of charge

to a global viewing audience and not have to compromise in terms of quality, length or artistic

While I have not spoken to anyone at Babelgum and have not gotten the full low down, it is my understanding that Babelgum employs a very unique system of which content will be aired based on supply and demand. Similar to You Tube, Babelgum also allows user to create their own channels creating, in essence, networks syndicates of each one of us.

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