Julie Roehm Driving Interactive/Marketing 2.X

Overall my trip to the motor city was a success. I got learn more about the auto industry and share some of my own thoughts on how the industry could be better leveraging virtual worlds.

The highlight of the event for me was Julie Roehm. Sure, she mentioned the pink elephant a few times, but she did not harp on it and it was eclipses by her spirit, vigor, intelligence and understanding of the marketing landscape that I have rarely seen. Below is the abstract about what her talk was about as well as a video she played that I had never seen before. Here are some concepts from the video that I particularly loved

  • A New Way of Getting Things Done

  • The Human Network

  • Body Language is Business Language

  • People Subscribe to People (not magazines)

  • Drag and Drop People Wherever They Want To Go

  • We are more powerful together than we ever could be apart

Julie Roehm, Marketing Communications Consultant
In the 1.0 world, television was king. In the 2.0 world, the internet came of age. In the 3.0 world, all our screens will be connected to the network of information and entertainment on demand. This world will tear down the walls between brands, media, studios, agencies and consumers (and already is). The question isn't if it will happen. The question is "what are we doing to get ready for it?" M2.x looks at the coming changes and explores what forward-thinking companies can (and are) doing to thrive in the 3.0 world.

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