Google Earth and the AIA-- Adding 3D Layers to The Conversation

The AIA is seeking to expand the conversation about architecture by adding layers of peoples favorite architecture to Google Earth.

This will allow for a more open dialogue between the AIA and it's members, as well as conversation between members of the AIA and the population at large.

To some this may simply appear to be a technological /architectural endeavor. To me this stands for a lot more. This initiative symbolizes the type of interaction/ experience that will occur during the next phase of the web.

It is my contention that the next movements in interactive media will be more immersive, experiential and social than ever before (and potentially more so than ever imagined by most people). As displayed in the above clip, people will be able to actually experience some of their favorite architecture in a 3D (as opposed to staring at static 2D images of the same structures) environment from the convenience of their home.

To my knowledge Google has not yet added a social layer to the Earth product whereby individuals in different locations can enter the 3D space simultaneously, however I imagine that they are not far off from adding this functionality.

This initiative is further validation that Web 3.D is on its way!

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