Podcamp, You Came and Went Like A Shooting Star

What a great weekend!

I have to admit that had the conference been cancelled, the experience of helping organize the event would have still been worthwhile. The show did however go on and while I only attended three sessions (which includes my own, I was running around helping much of the day) I feel that I came away with a real sense of community, new friends and a bunch of knowledge. I wish I had time to do a better recap of the event alas, I am on to my next project, Virtualive.tv as well as a month of conferences and speaking engagements. Also, my new article in iMediaconnection is slated to come out tomorrow so keep your eyes our for that.

Here are just a couple of highlights:


Eric Skiff


Watch The Videos

Hear The Audio

Lynette Radio

Greg Verdino

The New York Times

I am pretty deep in thought here!

Jaffe did not get his morning coffee!

C.C. Chapman is a true inspiration!

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