3D Commerce

Sure, my title is director of emerging and creative strategy but the fact of the matter is Morpheus Media has strong roots in e-commerce and much of my early days in this industry were not at all focused on things "emerging" (of course, I was working on emergent technologies, they were just not referred to that quite as often).

In my never ending search for the latest and greatest in new technology and ways to leverage new forms of communications for marketers, I always ask the questions in the back of my head, "how are we going to close the loop with this one?".

Closing the loops means different things to different people. Some are trying garner leads, other are trying to sell product and so on.

Since my fixation with Second Life began I have always thought about the day when 3D spaces would be more pervasive in the mainstream and provide real tangible value for marketers. Particularly marketers looking to drive their ecommerce engines.

While that day is not fully here, many signs points towards the emergence of that day.


While I need to dive into the product further and see more applications of it, they are promising that types of things that VRML once promised.

  • 3D virtual stores and showrooms;

  • 3D product configurators and visualizers;

  • 3D social networking experiences;

  • 3D Web sales automation systems;

  • Interactive 3D room planners;

  • Interactive brand promotion and online advertising

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