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Luxury Interactive 2007

I have not really had a chance to write in the last few days I have been all over the place. On Thursday the 21st I spoke at the Luxury Interactive Marketing Conference in NYC. Although I did not get to attend that much of the conference, I really enjoyed it the part that I made it to.   

Brian Bolain of Lexus (even though he disagreed with me :) ) had some incredibly poignant comments to make about the power of the third party messages (PR) versus the first part messages (advertising). He also had some great things to say about strategy as it relates to gaining mindshare with consumers who are not in your brands consideration set, and how to circumvent their preconceived notions about your product by drawing up on external elements. The case he gave was Lexus’s green initiative and how, by peaking the interests of consumers through means outside of the core value proposition of Lexus, the brand was able to message consumers who may otherwise not have paid attention to the brand.

Supernova 2007

One hour after speaking at the Luxury Interactive Conference I hopped in a cab to the airport to head to San Francisco. Regrettably, I had to miss the first days of the conference however I still wanted to make it out for some of it. My ten hour flight to San Fran (yes, ten hours. United kept us sitting on the plane for about four hours before taking off) ate further into my time at Supernova but I did catch the tail end. There is so much good coverage of the conference and I need to head to LA to speak at the iMedia Entertainment Summit so I will let all the other great bloggers fill you in on details from the conference.

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