Mediapost Behvioral Marketing Forum-- Bringing Re-Targeting to Scale

Re-targeting is one of the most effective ways to get a second at bat with consumers. But getting enough of those consumers and finding most efficient way to retarget them is the hard part. This panel will speak out of case studies and planning strategies, about how to bring a strategy to a scale that delivers worthwhile ROI and how not to over-spend on re-targeting as well.

David Berkowitz, Director of Emerging Media, 360i
Joshua Koran, Senior Director of Targeting and Optimization, ValueClick Media
Brad Powers, Founder and CEO, Active Response
Andrea Palmer, Manager of Interactive Services, Siquis, Ltd.
Moderator: Greg Smith, CEO, EchoTarget

  • One panelist references a 15% increase in retargeting in the travel sector

  • Creative makes a big difference in winback

  • How do you scale?

    • The number one issue why many marketers are not buying more

  • Very effective for loyalty programs

  • Targeting later in the cycle is sometimes very effective if the window is not as narrow

  • The question was asked if retargeting was used for acquisition, isn't that fairly obvious?

  • Is this just a fad? Will it grow substantially?

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