SEM Has Been Behavioral Before Behavioral Was Behavioral

Check out this great post by Jonathan Mendez. I especially like his notion of "cross experience optimization" although I am not sold that this is some manifestation of what he is refering to as Web 3.0. As of late, I have been hearing more and more people throw this around as a term refering to the semantic web. The semantic web however is not a new notion and has been a goal of web pioneers since day once. I am stil not sold we have reached the point where we can claim this goal as reality.

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The growth of the semantic web or web 3.0 will make cross-experience optimization an everyday feature of the web. In fact, it may be more than a feature of the web. It may be the very platform. Those marketers and agencies that know how to use the platform will be the winners. I don’t think these winners will come from a display background. Though display will have a key part in the holistic marketing conversation BT reaps its greatest rewards to intention, action or affinity.

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