Blame Second Life/I Am Getting Some Focus

…as if it were Linden Labs fault that hundreds of marketers have thoughtlessly followed the hype like lemmings. If you launch a television campaign with no strategy, it will suck, why would you think you can launch a Second Life campaign and have it magically work wonders?

  • Marketers who have “failed” and now are complaining about your failure, blame yourself

  • Marketers who have “failed” and have learned something, good for you

  • Marketers who see experimentation as a series of iterative minor victories, ultimately leading to one larger victory, give me a call!

I am sick of marketing/business folks saying that the Second Life bubble has burst. Perhaps the bubble has burst for the unimaginative seekers of unearned publicity, but go talk to a resident of Second Life. Or better still, come with me to the SLCC in Chicago this year, you will see that, for the more creative minds, the bubble is still growing!

But I digress…

The Focus Experience and The Virtual Focus Group

The day before I turned 30, I had and article published in iMediaconnection entitled, “Focus Groups Get A Second Life”. In this article I was not really speaking of the type of exercise that one could liken to a more traditional focus group, rather I was speaking of something that I have been referring to as the focus experience (which is in no way endemic to Second Life or Virtual Worlds).

Last night I helped organize a group of PR professionals to get together at the iAsk Center in order to gain insights on new media and it was awesome!

Jack Tatar, President of GEM Research Solutions (a real life focus group company) contacted me after reading an article of mine and a seed for a great relationship was planted. I was enticed by what Jack was doing and new that there was an opportunity here for Morpheus Media and GEM Research/iAsk to work together. While nothing is set in stone, we have been speaking, so stay tuned :)

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