Time Warner Cable Looks Back

Time Warner Cable has made an interesting move in the battle against ad-skipping. A product called Look Back allows consumers to view any program that they missed during the day the ability to watch it until midnight. The fast forward feature will be shut off.

Will this type of feature be enough to capture the 83% of homes that do not currently own a DVR?

I think not...but I do find this test to be interesting! Stay tuned

clipped from www.nytimes.com

Under pressure from advertisers, the Nielsen Company, which rates TV viewing, introduced a system this year that shows how many people were tuned in during commercials, a departure from the old measure of how many people watched the program. Confronted with Nielsen data showing that many DVR viewers do watch advertisements, most advertisers agreed this year to pay for television viewing based on how many people watch their commercials either live or on DVR within three days of the initial showing.

In essence, Look Back will provide the kind of time-shifted television viewing that has persuaded millions of Americans to pay $10 or so every month to cable companies or to TiVo. DVRs are now in about 17 percent of American households, but that figure is growing rapidly as more cable operators sell the service.

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