Collaborative Adverblending

Collaboration, “pull” style marketing, branded entertainment are at the tip of every marketer’s (well, every marketer who is paying attention) tongue these days. The question is how many marketers are actually walking the talk, and how much of the walk is really effective?

A few months ago Blendtec released a fairly ridiculous video where they used their home blending device to blend an iPhone.

Borrowing a page from the Ginzu Knife play book, Blendtec managed to achieve something with their product that no one would ever want to achieve. Not only that, but what was achieved in this video was hardly indicative of how well the Blendtec blender can achieve real world applications (i.e. making a smoothie), adding little to no perception of value to the product.

So was this campaign a success?

Advertising does not always need to prove value to be successful; however the advertiser must realize this as part of their strategy. Advertising can be very successful as a means of reinforcing the value proposition put out by PR and Marketing. Furthermore, advertising can be an inlet for consumers to begin their foray into a brand’s story, which is exactly what this campaign achieved.

You Tube Stats

Views: 1,780,286

Comments: 5180

Favorited: 3728 times

Not bad for a product most people have not heard of!

The question is how will Blendtec leverage this awareness in order to continue the story?

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