Scoble Stirs The Pot and The Search World Goes Wild

I posted earlier in the day about Robert Scoble’s discussion on what he refers to as Social Graphs, and how Facebook, Techmeme and Mahalo can overcome Google in four years. Apparently I was one of hundreds of blogger's to react to Scoble’s video. So far there have been 112 comments on Scoble’s blog post alone.

From what I have read, everyone seems to appreciate Scoble’s proposition, but many find it hard to come to terms with a few key concepts Scoble brings up.

  • The ability for human aided search to scale

  • The fact that Google is too large to adapt it’s algorithm to create a more human engine

Bob Warfield did a great write up on the topic (I recommend heading over there for some further insight) and of course there is some criticism of Scoble.

All in all, I think Scoble got us thinking, which as I said earlier is never a bad thing!

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