A Post For One Of My Clients Dealing With A Topic We Recently Spoke About

Of course I will not say who the client is, but I will alert them to this post and subsequently the article (and they may also not know about Clipmarks, so it is a win-win-win) I figured that recommending an article via blog post would be an interesting way to go about doing things.

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In analyzing the data, we found the most obvious change was a decline in the average order value (AOV) during the free shipping offer period. The magnitude of the decline varied, but there was a definite decline nonetheless. In January and March, the AOV declined by 2.2% and 3.1% respectively, while the decline in February was much larger at almost 20%. These AOV declines resulted in a concurrent decline in return on advertising spend (ROAS), a key performance metric for this campaign, during each of the offer periods. The decline in ROAS ranged from 30-70% during the free shipping periods, indicating a clear loss of efficiency during the promotional cycles.

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