Nokia and Microsoft Play Nice With Mobile

Personal note to readers:

While I do not consider myself a technologist, technology plays an extremely important role in my job, as well my day to day activities (I suppose the latter is true for most of us).

I do not necessarily seek out technological movements in order to write about them on my Blog; however there is an inexorable tie between technology and marketing.

That being said I have been spending a lot of time talking about mobile, as the space is really hot right now and there is a great deal of movement within the space.

I would love to hear from you as to whether or not you feel I spend too much time on technology.

Now for some technology :)

Nokia Plays Nice With Microsoft

Nokia and Microsoft have strengthened their allegiance in the mobile space. Nokia will provide support for Microsoft’s Playready on various handsets. The two will also seek to enhance the consumer’s ability to access mobile content.

As part of the agreement, Nokia and Microsoft will also collaborate on expanding and simplifying consumer scenarios for accessing, experiencing and moving digital content using mobile devices

How will this shape the mobile content/mobile marketing ecosystem?

Microsoft is paving the way to create a powerful mobile distribution network. My question is how will the Telco’s play in this space? With walled gardens or “on deck” platforms becoming decreasingly relevant, will the wireless network providers be able to get a piece of the pie the Microsoft (and others) is baking, or will they return to their role as mere service providers?

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