Conversational Marketing: If You Can’t Beat ‘Em Join ‘Em (and Measure ‘Em)

The notion of conversation marketing feels commonplace amongst many of my peers still, when reading newswires and industry trades, major media bodies talk about this concept as if they had thought of it the night before.

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comScore Gets Conversational

Despite my skepticism, it is always great to see the media/marketing/advertising industries move in a direction where such conversations are deemed legitimate, a direction that provides motivation for media research firms to help figure out how best marketers and media professionals can work within the conversation. comScore has announced that it will providing enhanced measurement tools that aim to help measure the blogosphere from a quantitative and qualitative perspective. The comScore Conversational Media Report grew out of a partnership with John Battele’s, Federated Media and was announced following Federated Media’s, Conversational Marketing Summit.

Ogilvy and Technorati Ride The Cluetrain

In related news, Ogilvy &Mather Worldwide and Technorati announced the release of a white paper entitled:

“The Manifesto on Monday Morning: How to Put the Wisdom of Cluetrain into Action When You Get to Your Office.”

This paper is a follow up to the landmark work, Cluetrain Manifesto: The End Of Business As Usual.

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I had the great pleasure of hearing Peter Hirshberg of Technorati (one of the players behind the white paper) speak the other night at an event thrown by The Glasshouse at the SohoHouse in NYC. I am not sure he said anything I did not already know, but everything he said was graced with his wit and insight and shed new light on familiar concepts.

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