OMMA Day One: Wikipedia: The Perfect SEO Storm

The power of the people: do you know how to leverage it to fuel your organization’s SEO campaign? Anyone who has been searching on Google recently has surely noticed that Wikipedia is ranking well for a staggering number of search phrases: from competitive terms as diverse as Christianity to Hell’s Angels. Come to this session and learn the secrets behind Wikipedia’s unprecedented success and how you can apply similar SEO techniques to expand your keyword list and increase your rankings. The talk will include examples of ‘Wiki-like’ SEO techniques, both for the small Website owner as well as large, CMS powered Websites. Attention will be given to SEO techniques such as CMS modifications that can be made for content publishers and etailers, as well as ways to leverage your visitors so that they create the content and do the work for you. The seminar will also discuss how to balance marketing and conversion best practices with heavy internal linking.
Don Steele, Director of Digital Marketing, Comedy Central

Tom Troja, VP of Marketing and Sales, Pajamas Media
Craig Hordlow, Chief Search Strategist, Red Bricks Media
Moderator: Josh Palau, Group Director, Search, Avenue A | Razorfish

  • Don Steele

  • 145 wikipedia entries on South Park

  • Manbearpig on wikipedia

  • “Our Website cannot stand along, it is not a walled garden”

  • “How do we work with Wikipedia”

  • Using what is happening in Wikinews

  • Craig Hordlow

  • Wikipedia –98% of back links come from their own site

  • They tell the entire story form A-Z to capture broad match as well as exact match

  • CMS Validates Smart Linking

  • No follow tag

  • Tom Troja

  • Emotional Connections

  • Conversational Marketing

  • To get beyond the wiki, get people to trust you

  • Getting People to Market you

  • The sales funnel is dysfunctional

  • Cannot control reception

  • Consideration changes

  • Wiki is a story telling medium

  • Speak in a human voice

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