OMMA DAY TWO: Metrics For Emerging Technologies

In today's digital world, each new technology platform has different attributes that can be measured. See the experts talk about "front end" (audience research) and "back end" (analytics and ROI) for three emerging technologies: mobile, widgets and consumer generated communications.
Sonya Chawla Senior Director of Advertising Slide
Richard Wood SVP Product Management Telefia
Max Kalehoff VP Marketing Nielsen BuzzMetrics
Moderator: David Smith CEO Mediasmith, Inc.

  • What are doing to to help the media planner/marketer to understand how successful a program is?

  • Chawla -- Syndication research surrounding widget. Work with Dclick

  • Wood -- Mobile is mainly still about penetration

    • obvious problems when employing traditional measures

    • Media Flow-- Similar to TV

    • Telephia building metering technology

  • Fastest growing source of media today is from consumers

  • "The consumer is the ultimate mirror reflecting the brand" Kalehoff

  • Multimedia expression is the latest ways of qualitative metrics

  • "The modern verbatim"

  • Slide charges per brand ambassador

  • What is the value for brand lift in a user selected model versus a non user selected model?

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